Skaarland Engineering Works (CC)

Plough Shares and Agricultural Implements

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Skaarland Engineering Works specialises in the manufacturing of agricultural implements as well as a wide variety of plough shares including: Tungsten, Ripper Point and Chisel Point shares.

Standard agricultural implements are being manufactured by Skaarland but we also have the capability to manufacture according to the needs, requirements, and specifications of the client.

The main factory of Skaarland is in Moorreesburg and a depot in Bloemfontein keep stock of the different share products including agricultural implements. Skaarland can therefore supply agricultural implements and plough shares to clients all over the country.

Skaarland is also able to bend and form metals with the use of our furnace and presses.

Contact Skaarland today for more information about our quality range of shares and agricultural implements.

Skaarland products in action

Chisel Point Ploughshares
Ripper Point Ploughshares
Mouldboard Ploughshares
Cultivators and Tillers
Disc Shares
Tungsten Shares